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Thanks Gomz for being Harry's awesome Physiotherapist!!! He has progressed significantly into crawling now despite of him delayed with being able to only roll occasionally. He has been getting to every developmental milestone because of your help! We appreciate everything you do and look forward to our next session.

                                                            Jane B, Harry's Mum    


I have worked with Gomz as a professional and she has been extremely knowledgeable and resourceful to my client. I have seen some positive changes with the family I work with since Gomz started her physiotherapy input! Kudos to your good work

                                                                         Kate W-Independent Case Manager

Reddy has been providing specialist adult rehab for my mum for last year in her turbulent times with her health. Reddy has been so kind, patient and forward thinking with his therapy plans that has had such a great input in my mum's case. My mum has been more bed-bound before but now she is out and about enjoying life! Thanks Reddy for your awesome work! We are grateful for the ongoing support!!      

                                                               Isla C-Ms.Webbers Daughter

A big thank you to PAL Square Physios team for the prompt and incredible support in treating my husband with brain injury  as well as getting him back up on his feet soon. Reddy has been offering excellent support through his vast knowledge and consistent support!!!

                                      Charlotte S

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